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Last year " Brake Gate "the emergence of one after another in North America, causing the United States and Japan as to whether priority should be on the braking system mandatory in accordance with the measures taken serious consideration. General Motors recently announced that by 2012 the company will provide all the equipment's Automatic And e Throttle Control to increase passenger-type "brake priority technical" applications, in order to upgrade vehicle safety Drive Performance.

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Brake the door although the place in the U.S., but the effect is absolutely not just in the United States, its brake-door models in China have, quite a few holdings. Chinese government departments concerned should seriously question the brake device priority system. In fact, early last year, Toyota China, the text description to journalists on the stress part of the Toyota and Toyota will target the Lexus brand vehicles, an increase at the same time press the accelerator pedal and brake pedal to reduce speed under the function. Toyota said the future, including China Market Plans to integrate a global scale models of vehicles the opportunity to change gradually into the feature. It is worth pondering, as a leading global automotive giant, why is not Toyota's vehicle had extensive use of brake priority system?

Learned that the German in the last century 80's requires vehicles to use priority system braking device, and now most of the German cars are equipped with the device; the U.S. General Motors, Chrysler, part of the model is also equipped with a braking device priority system. Japan's eight major auto companies, only Nissan Motor Company in its subsidiary NISSAN brand and Infiniti brand models using the system. But before the department has not expressed any country or had doubts or really considered making it mandatory standards.

Exposed in the accident and problems, people always target companies, but do not forget the attitude of manufacturers for product standards and practices, often depend on the laws and regulations. Now, the United States, Japan, the priority system in of the mandatory installation of brake measures, most countries in Europe, the brake system is the first mandatory universal installation, as the same appliance on the Compulsory Certification CCC. As the world's largest auto producer and consumer, China, the problem is never ignored.

Brakes are safe is all about. But as a general consumer, for auto-depth technical issues can not and does not need to understand, vehicle accident, and to find manufacturers seek explanation, only to find that the lack of laws and regulations so that their lives are not protected, this is how sad. For a consumer automotive market in China is not very mature market, the national mandatory standards to protect consumers last line of defense. Can be expected in Toyota Recall Door, brake systems do not rule out the priority required by some developed countries, manufacturers must be installed at the factory, the Chinese regulatory authorities and standard-setting should also be relevant departments to assess and project. In addition, a number of similar relations to the national mandatory standards for consumer safety should be giving top priority to the early establishment of or adjustment, this is a responsible government should act.
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Brake Priority System Should Become Mandatory Standards As Soon As Possible - Brake - Auto Repair

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Brake Priority System Should Become Mandatory Standards As Soon As Possible - Brake - Auto Repair

This article was published on 2010/12/28