Brake Repair - What You May Need

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Although you may think of your brakes as only one component of your vehicle, they are actually comprised of many different parts. It is somewhat hard to believe the amount of components necessary to make your brakes function properly. However, it is important for one to know the different components that are there and about how much it would cost to fix any of these different problems with your brakes.

Master Cylinder - The master cylinder is typically a very reliable part of your brakes. It is the part of your brake system that helps hold up the brake's pedal. One problem that could come up is an internal leak. If this were to happen, the pedal would sink to the floor. Most vehicles are equipped with technology that lets the driver know that there is a problem with the master cylinder. Fixing this usually costs around $200 including parts and labor.

Brake Pads - The pads are commonly addressed in brake repair, and they are something that needs to be maintained on a regular basis to keep your brakes working well. When the pads wear down, the car takes longer to bring to a complete stop. When they wear down and become thinner, they rub against the rotor, which can cause severe damage to your car. Replacing the brake pads can cost around $100 for parts and labor, which is a lot cheaper than having to replace the rotor should you not keep up with proper maintenance.

Rotors - If you do not change the pads in time, you are likely going to need to not only change them, but the rotors as well. The friction between the rotors and the brakes can do damage to the rotors in the form of grooves and ridges. This can be expensive: changing the rotors in your vehicle can cost you as much as $600, depending on the make and model of your car. As mentioned earlier, this is an avoidable repair if you're thorough with maintenance on the brake pads.

Brake Fluid - Changing your car's fluids is something that needs to be done on a regular basis as well. You can find the reservoir that holds this specific fluid on top of the master cylinder. The cylinder is usually clear so that it is easy for one to judge whether the fluid needs to be changed with ease. You know that the fluid needs to be changed when the color is no longer clear or yellow in color, but rather dark and dirty. The cost of this type of brake repair is around $100 for fluid and labor.

Calipers - Brake repair involving your vehicle's caliper can be possibly the most costly repair you will come across when dealing with automotive brakes. The calipers are the part of the brakes that pushes the brake pads onto the disc when you push on the pedal. Changing your car's caliper can cost upwards of $1000 with parts and labor.
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Brake Repair - What You May Need

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This article was published on 2010/11/30