Brake Safety and Brake Maintenance

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Importance of brakes cannot be denied. Surely you love your family and do not want anything to happen to them. Many accidents are caused because of defective brakes and many people have lost their life. No one feels secure while driving if the brakes aren't working properly.

How do I know if my brakes are bad?

Many alternative ways are there to find out if there is some kind of fault with your brakes, apart from the brake light on your dash panel gets on and alerts you when there is any problem.

These ways may or may not catch your attention but you need to be very alert when it comes to taking care of the braking system. Following steps can help you to find out if there is any problem with your brakes and you need to watch out:

1. If the brake is not working the vehicle gets on one side when it is applied.

This means that brakes are not in their proper position and there is a need to fix them back in their position. Before any mishap happens, get it fixed by a good mechanic.

2. When brakes are applied, the brake sinks softly or become very hard.

This happens if there is lot of air present in the brake or due to less brake oil. You can pull out the air. For checking the leakage, park your car and check whether any oil is gathering below your car because of leakage or not.

3. When brakes are applied there is squeaky noise.

If this sound is heard frequently means that the brake pad has worn out and two metals are rubbing against each other producing the sound. This is also dangerous!

4. It is difficult to depress the brakes paddle.

If you push the brakes and they are harder to press, if you have power brakes, this indicates that assist unit and in the vacuum; there is some kind of leakage. But in normal brakes it indicates that there may be a crack in the brake line.

5. Pressing the brakes there is a vibration

This means that your brakes rotor and the pad have worn out after using for a long time.

Now when you get to know that there is problem with your brakes, fix the problem as soon as possible as it could be dangerous. If there is no visible default except of a minor noise, however it is possible that when the brakes are applied by you to stop the car and it does not stops because brakes are completely failed, so get the brakes fixed before it is too late.

You can to do it on your own as well it's not that difficult. You can replace the brake pads and brake liquid easily but for hydraulic leakage or the damage of the airline it is better to get it fixed by an expert and it is not at all expensive!

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Brake Safety and Brake Maintenance

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This article was published on 2010/04/01