How to Maintain Hydraulic Press Brake

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Press brake is a necessary machine for sheet metal forming industry. we can say that any metal factory need press brake at all, because they must use this machine to bend sheet metal. under different die, engineer can produce all kinds of metal style.  

As a machine,it is a usual thing to find your machine to be break. As long as one of all parts has a little problem, then, the whole machine can not run.

it must waste the money if you throw away this machine at this time, no doubt, we should choose to maintain press brake.

after this decision,it is not necessary to worry. you should think of how to do next step.

1, finding a professional press brake repair worker. this is the best choice, because they understand the working idea of press brake and can rebuild this machine as soon as possible.  as a result, you need to some money.

we believe that you can understand this, after all, they has professional knowledge, so, they should earn a lot for their life.

2, trying to repair by yourself.

First of all, find out the manual of press brake, read through the book carefully. Generally, the manufacturer has points some usual problem in the manual, you can compare them first.

Secondly, guess the place that is possible to break. then, separating this parts. under most situation, you can find the actual problem.

if some part is broken, you can make a photo, and let the manufacturer to post this part by DHL.  this is the cheapest way to maintain press brake.

Finally, asking your friend together and then talk about the problem of press brake. let everyone to analyse the accurate reason.then, you can find the correct way to repair the machine. It is also a good idea to report all situation to the press brake manufacturer. let their engineer to give you some advise.This is benefit for your process of maintaining.

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How to Maintain Hydraulic Press Brake

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This article was published on 2010/09/29